Sunday 1 July 2012

barcelona beach bars

A trip to Icebarcelona is guaranteed to be an experience you'll never forget – where else would you be able to sip a drink out of an ice glass surrounded by ice sculptures? No matter what the weather this is the only place in...

Many of the bars put lights up
Many of the bars put lights up

Lasal Beach Bar - A Typical
Lasal Beach Bar - A Typical

For example, the beaches go
For example, the beaches go

Beach bars in Barcelona
Beach bars in Barcelona

Barcelona Beach Bars Are Open
Barcelona Beach Bars Are Open

Barcelona Beach Bars - Drink
Barcelona Beach Bars - Drink

World travel guide suggests visiting between May to October wherein beach bars (or locally known as chiringuitos) line up the urban beaches as locals and tourists partake in a night of frivolity. Barcelona's nightlife is indeed...
World Travel Guide: Spain's Gem: Barcelona

Head towards the beach to the greatest collection of chupitos you will find in Barcelona. In this little bar, barely noticeable from the outside, you will find a 300 shooters' menu, each with a funny name, and no description.
barcelona beach bars


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