Wednesday 31 August 2011

dubai skyline then and now

Now Ugandan's in Dubai who expected him to spin jams have now vowed to mess with him if he ever shows up again. We are told he was... if u don't know DJ erycom, then u don't know Ugandan music. Erycom's name is...

Renowned designer Abayas store, Sweety, has opened its brand new showroom at Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.... Sweety Now Open At Sunset Mall... Some of DIP's previous developments include the first office building for Commercial Bank of Dubai and Deira Tower; projects which have graced the Dubai skyline for the last 30 years, proving that the Company has been setting the standards of modern and sophisticated project development, relying...
Dubai Investment Properties - Sweety Now Open At Sunset Mall

Dubai and Qatar playing it smart. File:Dubai night skyline.jpg. Dubai. Two nations that have seen substantial change over the last decade, Dubai and Qatar have both used the vast amounts of oil found in their countries to improve their economy, but more importantly... This was a smart move to diversify their economy (an underrated yet important economic strategy) as the oil discovered was never going to last forever and now only accounts for around 5% of GDP.
dubai skyline then and now


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